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music is my life

Here ya go.

"General" Questions:

1. Name:
2. Alias:
3. Gender:
4. Sex:
5. Location:
6. Date of Employment:
7. Date of Birth:
8. Social Security Number:
9. What you are having rated (list all):
10. How did you find us?:
11. If you could, would you eat your own excrement?:
12. hippie or fascist?:
13. a)Are you in any other rating communities? if so, which?:
b)Immediately resign from all other communities. This is a full-time deal.

Answer one or more (or less) of the following questions:(do not paste the questions you are not answering or 15 points will be deducted from your quarterly evaluation)

"shallow" questions section(Hawtneszs! R U teh sex??):

1. how tall are you?:vertically challenged
2. how anorexic are you?:Horizontally gifted
3. don't you think you could lose a few?:Yep...workin' on it
4. are you on your period?:(girls only[guys answering to be cute will be banned from 5. annual sack race])Yep
5. How many hawt girlz/hawt guyz have you macked?15
6. How many fatties or Ugos have you macked? Denote if the reason was inebriation or pity:1
7. why do ugly people suck so much?Because that's their way of getting attention from us sexy's
8. how many nerds have you taught through violence that they should not talk to the cools?:4
9. why do nerds suck so much?Again, with the attention
10. does inter"cli"q"ue" dating disgust you? If so, how much does it disgust you exactly?Yeah, huh?:Nope, not at all
11. top 3 turn ons(answer of 'myself' gets you extra vanity points):My boyfriend, my boyfriend's penis, apples
12. top 4 turn offs:Ugly people, nerds, really obese people
13. do you wear thongs or no underpants at all?:Thongs, once in a while, bare
14. a)How far off centre do you wear your baseball cap?:maybe...slightly?
b)How far pointed up?not too far
c)Have you scaraped the bill so it has frilly things and looks worn and weathered?not unnaturally
15. on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest number but not neccesarily the highest rating, rate your appearance:11.5
16. Post a photo(of yourself): (note: blurred photos or ones that depict you looking down and away from the camera will automatically get 2 points deducted from the rating you gave yourself)will in a min

17. When geeks, spazmos, nerds, dorks, dweebs, dorkfaces, pointdexters, dweebfaces, and non-sexyz look at you, do their eyes convey a feeling of:
a) fear
c) Che Guevara
d) polio
e) neo-fascism
f) sexy
g) Cross Country for life!!

"deep" questions section
(prove your character through the media you read/watch/listen to):

1. What religion do you belong to(note: atheism is not a religion)(, you've never heard of it.
2. Everyone is agnostic now. pick something else:Still...Romany
3. What is the first word you said this morning:Fuck...
4. What are your favourite books:Ender series, Anything by stephen king, except the mushy Hearts in Atlantis
5. What percentage of them have movies made after them: ((hint: it's probably most of them you sheep[debating that you have read them before the movie was made will disqualify your from the weekly raffle])(Outta S.K., prolly just about all of them.
6. If you had the ability to end world hunger or get some awesome new shoes and you chose to 7. get the new shoes, why did you make that decision? is it because you hate poor people?:Because they were some sexy slippers
8. what is your philosophy on life?:Live fast, die young, get drunk along the way.
9. List the music you listen to((defending anything will get you lashed until you drop)(:SOAD, NOFX, Green Day
10. List your favourite movies in reverse alphabetical order until you get to 'M'. then use chronological order(or don't):Nightmare Before Christmas, the older Jim Carrey flix, older Adam Sandler, The virgin Suicides...
10 1/2. Do it again, but be less Kafka-esque about it.
11. sum up your sense of humor in 1 joke or less:So, two muffins were sitting in the oven...One turns to the other and says, "Man, it's hot in here." The other turns and says, "AAAH! A talking muffin!"
12. write a poem about death, depression, sadness, etc. without use of the word "burning": Hey! Look! She died, we'll miss her dearly.
Why did she have to die so early?
Guess we'll never really know..
Let's go raid her silver drawer!

13. what's up with homosexuals?:We are just gay, is all
14. necrophagy; misunderstood or excellent? explain:have no idea...
15. list a word you are proud that you know:Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicolvolcanoconiosis
16. suicide or murder?:suicide
17. hot or cold?((hint: cold is the wrong answer)(:hot
18. right or left brain?:left

19. post a photograph of yourself in your most intellectually stimulating, possibly nude, pose:working on it

"Questions" no one really cares about:

1. List your hobbies: singing, blahblahblah
2. Favourite Colour:black/hot pink
3. Favourite Animal((unicorns extra count!!!!!)(:Girraffes
4. pet peeves:people who type something, realize a mistake way back at the beginning of the sentence, and erase the WHOLE THING instead of going back..(coughcough...Sean...)
5. what is your stance on abortion?:Proi choice
6. do you remember ((insert random object from your childhood that you think makes you cooler for remembering it)( weren't those awesome?!:um....Doodle Bears?
7. favourite number: auto answer 7 for hawt cools or 13 for smart deeps: 17, 13, or 42
8. retro shoes and tight tight jeans. a must for expressing your burning emotion? Not at all
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