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i got bored so there it is, all of it, so fuck off

1. Name:  Blake M. Heath  
2. Alias: B-Money
3. Gender: Male
4. Sex: male
5. Location: Lubbock TX
6. Date of Employment: October 21, 1856
7. Date of Birth: June 19, 1983
8. Social Security Number:  448-68-7983
9. What you are having rated (list all): everything
10. How did you find us?:  some jerks named ricky and carlos
11. If you could, would you eat your own excrement?:  Would I!
12. hippie or fascist?:more hippie i guess
13. a)Are you in any other rating communities? if so, which?:nah they are for gays
b)Immediately resign from all other communities. This is a full-time deal.

1. how tall are you?: Six foot Four inches
2. how anorexic are you?: not at all
3. don't you think you could lose a few?: sure
4. are you on your period?:

5. How many hawt girlz/hawt guyz have you macked?Millions
6. How many fatties or Ugos have you macked? Denote if the reason was inebriation or pity:  I LOVE FATTIES
7. why do ugly people suck so much?  Cuz they fucking disgust me
8. how many nerds have you taught through violence that they should not talk to the cools?: at least 1
9. why do nerds suck so much?  the fucking brains man they use it a lot
10. does inter"cli"q"ue" dating disgust you? If so, how much does it disgust you exactly?Yeah, huh?: not too much
11. top 3 turn ons
(answer of 'myself' gets you extra vanity points):myself, scalding hot water, sexy candles
12. top 4 turn offs: the ugos, hair, bad breath, dudes
13. do you wear thongs or no underpants at all?: comando
14. a)How far off centre do you wear your baseball cap?:i used to have it a little..but now i just wear it like you should
b)How far pointed up? 26 degrees
15. on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest number but not neccesarily the highest rating, rate your appearance: fucking 10

17. When geeks, spazmos, nerds, dorks, dweebs, dorkfaces, pointdexters, dweebfaces, and non-sexyz look at you, do their eyes convey a feeling of:
a) fear
b) envy
c) Che Guevara
d) polio
e) neo-fascism
f) sexy
g) Cross Country for life!!

1. What religion do you belong to(note: atheism is not a religion)(: christian is what they call it
2. Everyone is agnostic now. pick something else:  michael jordan
3. What is the first word you said this morning: fuck
4. What are your favourite books:   all time is Death in the Afternoon......current is The Dead..by mark somebody
5. What percentage of them have movies made after them:
((hint: it's probably most of them you sheep[debating that you have read them before the movie was made will disqualify your from the weekly raffle])(i dont think death in the afternoon has a movie but it could
6. If you had the ability to end world hunger or get some awesome new shoes and you chose to 7. get the new shoes, why did you make that decision? is it because you hate poor people?:  nah because they made the shoes i want them to know i appreciate thier effort
8. what is your philosophy on life?: live it, cuz if you dont you die
9. List the music you listen to
((defending anything will get you lashed until you drop)(:umm like bands or music...cuz i like a lot of shit...mostly the heavy stuff i guess
10. List your favourite movies in reverse alphabetical order until you get to 'M'. then use chronological order(or don't):tremors
11. sum up your sense of humor in 1 joke or less:why did the baby cross the road?............becuase it was hauling ass on a fucking motorcycle thats why.
12. write a poem about death, depression, sadness, etc. without use of the word "burning":death is great
depression is so cool....sadness makes me drool....so go stroke one off........there is that a poem
13. what's up with homosexuals?:they do it all wrong
14. necrophagy; misunderstood or excellent? explain: misundertsood, because they just dont get it
15. list a word you are proud that you know:Purt
16. suicide or murder?:MURDER
17. hot or cold?
((hint: cold is the wrong answer)(:hot  
18. right or left brain?: left for life

1. List your hobbies: reading...drums....guns....music....tobacco
2. Favourite Colour:you spelled color wrong
3. Favourite Animal
((unicorns extra count!!!!!)(: the Ultracorn
4. pet peeves: guys named Buster
5. what is your stance on abortion?: quitters all quitters
6. do you remember
((those badass remote control cars you would see on tv doing badass jumps....and then when you got it and did the jumps it would break and the batteries would die)( weren't those awesome?!:
7. favourite number:
auto answer 7 for hawt cools or 13 for smart deeps
 i like 47
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